Patricia G. Kirkpatrick


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Professor Kirkpatrick has spent the past 33 years teaching both at McGill University and the Anglican Church in Montreal and abroad. She has contributed to the educational formation of those pursuing academic careers in Old Testament / Hebrew Bible and those entering the ordained ministry of the Christian Church. She has pursued her research and teaching interests with an eye on both the academy and the ecclesiastical communities and has been asked to serve on a number of national and international theological commissions of the Anglican Communion. Her interdisciplinary interests extend to feminist and gender studies where as chair of the Women’s Studies Program, and Chair of the Board of the M.C.R.T.W. at McGill, she was instrumental in creating and maintaining several administrative programs in the area. She has also spent a number of years as a member of the Quebec Provincial Education Ministry Committee on Religious Education in the schools. As a founding member of the Ancient Historiography Seminar of the CSBS her present interests and research in historiography follow immediately as a consequence to her initial research on the influence folklore studies have had on reconstructing the history of Ancient Israel.